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Welcome to the exciting and rewarding world of comic book publishing. This investing partnership has been developed to exploit the characters and concepts  The Evil Monkey Man and Strobe Warrior created by Nicholas Blake Seals and Frank Anthony Roseto...

Most simply, comic books and songs based on songs and songs based on comic books...but for the purposes of this opportunity The Evil Monkey Man and Strobe Warrior (or EMM & SW) are intellectual property poised to enter a market that is on fire...

For many years, we have been developing an inter-twining web of intriguing and highly marketable characters ready now to be unleashed on a growing and ravenously hungry audience.

Let us expound...

EMM, based on a song of the same name, is chock-full of lovable, relatable, and most importantly salable characters modeled after the successful archetypes employed in blockbuster entertainment properties ranging from Star Wars to The Walking Dead. The hero on a quest, the bromance, the goofy sidekicks - they're all in there with a main character and title that's brand new, but familiar at the same time. Targeted to sci-fi, anti-hero, horror and humor readers, a broad catch-all demographic of the comic reading audience, the story line and players are designed to translate seamlessly into movies, TV, video games and toys for maximum profitability.

Yep - comic books. Although spandex-wearing super dudes still dominate the industry, comic books have grown up - big time. In October of 2017 there were over 500 items solicited into the market representing an average of 8,500,000 comics sold per month which translates to about $34,000,000.00 per month or $286,000,000.00 per year (up 3% since 2015.) Over 200,000 tickets were sold for the New York Comic Con in 2017. This is serious business. And, as hinted at above, this only scratches the surface when it come to the licensing of these comic book based characters. The top 5 movies based on comic books have grossed over $6,000,000,000.00. That's $6 billion!! Of course we're talking the big boys here, The Avengers, Iron Man, and where do "the little guys" rank? Just a few of the independent comics that have launched huge profit franchises include Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles ($1.1 billion box office), Men In Black, Spawn, 300, and of course The Walking Dead which is reportedly profiting about $8,000,000.00/week for AMC. And that's just movies...start thinking video games and toys and tees etcetera and so 2013 alone, Nickelodeon reported $475,000,000.00 in sales of their TMNT toys. The sky is the limit. But let's bring it back to the ground for a moment and break this down. How can we get a little slice of this massive pie and how much will it cost..?

EMM & SW are ready to launch, we just require a small infusion of capital to get rolling. $25,000.00 to be precise. This money is to be used to complete an approximately 240-page, twelve-issue story arc ("The Saga of Evil Monkey Man") which will be subsequently published as 12 individual comics as well as 2 or 3 trade paperbacks and a compendium. In addition special collectors' editions and variant cover issues will be issued from time to time. The $25,000.00 will be used to cover creative and freelance artist fees, as well as supplemental promotional costs. Primary promotion costs will be shared by the publisher and printing costs can be covered with short-term loans secured with purchase orders in-hand. Currently EMM is to be published by Monarch Comics, a small independent from Connecticut which distributes through Diamond (the premier worldwide distributor of comic books and related material.) For an investment of $25,000.00 at this early juncture we are willing to share a percentage of the potential profits ad infinitum.


The investor(s) will receive 50% of NET returns from sales of the comic book "The Saga of Evil Monkey Man" UP TO the recoupment of the initial investment ($25,000.00) - after which the investor(s) will then continue to receive 25% of NET returns on the comics forever. That's for all printings, ever, by any publisher. (These are the net returns due the creator, not the publisher.) So even if/when EMM is ever published by any other/additional entities - if we're making money - so are you.

In addition, the investor(s) will receive 10% of the NET returns of EVERYTHING ELSE. This is the lottery ticket. This is getting in early. If EMM makes a million bucks in toy sales - you get $100,000.00. If EMM becomes an international blockbuster and nets a billion at the box office - you make $100,000,000.00. And the cool thing is, it could be a slow build...that $475 million in TMNT toy sales we mentioned earlier was almost 30 years after the original independent comic was published, and the TMNT franchise was making millions every year in between - so this is a long term lottery ticket that you don't throw away if your numbers don't come up right away.


All a $100 million return on $25,000.00 may be pie in the sky (but it is possible!) Here are some realistic ROI scenerios based solely on comic book sales...everything that follows is based on a $3.99 per unit retail price which grosses approximately $1.60 for the publisher who by contract will recoup $0.60 printing/shipping leaving about $1.00 to split. Our creator cut will be 75% or $0.75/unit. Out of 500 comics, 295 titles are selling 5,000+/month - by way of example, the #1 selling comic in October sold over 400,000 units while #300 sold just about 5,000 units. The charts below represent returns that are survival level, target level, hit level, and just for fun - blockbuster level. Remember, these charts are based on print sales of comic books - they don't even reflect digital sales through popular sites such as Drive-Thru and Comixology (owned by Amazon) which of course incur no print costs. The plan is to release the 12 issue series over 24 months, thereby extending the visibility, life and viability of the product, exposing it over a greater period. This plan keeps our product in front of as many eyes for as long as possible giving it the best chance to gain traction in the marketplace. Therefore the charts show a 2 year period and potential reprint sales which are not only common but expected with a new title. The charts also indicate small print runs of the more expensive (~$7.99/unit retail) trade paperbacks (TPB) which collect multiple issues. Again, these charts represent only print sales through Diamond to comic book specialty stores, TPB sales are also eventually made to larger outlets such as Amazon and Barnes & Noble once the series gains some recognition. And remember, survival is key, shelf time translates to potential licensing which translates to profit from ancillary product sales.

Evil Monkey Man and Strobe Warrior are potential genre bending mega hits - as another little preview to the cross-platform expert nerd-baiting - go back and check out the currently live EMM site (or click HERE) and scroll down to near the bottom of that homepage, look for the little black on black word "future" - go ahead, click the future...and go ahead, call the phone number. EMM & SW are set up to pull the readers in, to give a sense of entering a saga that already exists - now, in the past, and in the future - like entering Middle Earth or a galaxy far far away. Your investment today gets the "Saga" started. So get back with Blake and together we will step foot into a tale that never ends...

Should you invest you are investing in the intellectual property, or ideas known as Evil Monkey Man & Strobe Warrior and any and all products generated from these concepts and characters - nothing else authored or created by Nichoas Blake Seals and/or Frank Anthony Roseto is included in this offer. This is a non-exclusive opportunity. Once funded, the creators promise to produce the aforementioned approximately 240-page comic book story arc and pursue licensing opportunities on same. There are no guarantees that anything else will happen. This is not an investment in any publishing entity. Your investment is not and will not be guaranteed by anything or any entity. You could lose all of your invested capital. But if you invest in us and we make money you will too. This is a min/max private placement investment partnership. $25,000.00 is the maximum and can be broken into 5 equal $5,000.00 parts which will share returns equally. Minimum total investment to begin the project(s) is $5,000.00 which will start the ball rolling but the full investment ($25,000.00) will be needed to complete the entire project unless there are profits to be reinvested after sales of early issues.

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