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The Saga of EVIL MONKEY MAN • Episode One

story N BLAKE SEALS • art BUTCH MAPA • prologue art BONG DAZO • color & letters BLAKE


The peaceful serenity of New York suburb Cold Spring Harbor is jolted when somebody blows up the National Labs - and now there are reports of some sort of giant talking monkey running around town...It's a new-classic, country-crossing, time-traveling, reality-bending quest to find a way back to being human. Like they always say, it's all fun and games, until someone gets turned into a monkey!

Episode one features the first appearances of Evil Monkey Man, Dr Menke Moon, Manny, Agent Molly McNeal & Sifu Evangelina Hope Chin.

Includes Second Feature - Phil Avelli's HORROR ISLAND "Treasure Hunter"

This short introduces the crew of the Sea Sprite and hints at the trouble they may, well, probably will be getting into in the upcoming series from Monarch Comics.

story & art PHIL AVELLI • color BANSHEE • letters BLAKE

Retail $4.99

EMM #1 Variant Cover

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